Globe Cambridge High School (GCHS) located in Port Hope, Ontario is the North American sister school of the highly successful Hubei Lindaiqiu Wutonghu Middle School. Port Hope was specifically selected as the ideal location to host GCHS as its extraordinary ratings of safety, cultural opportunities and geographical scenery offers endless hours of academic, student-focused extra-curricular activities; and the location is unparalleled by any other possible location in North America. Port Hope is located on Lake Ontario and is a 45-minute drive east of Toronto—the second most livable city in North America. GCHS offers a four-year high school program with premium boarding amenities and is regulated by the highest of academic standards regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations. Ontario’s High School Diploma offers GCHS graduates an exemplary educational platform for Chinese students to enter the world’s top universities. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) trains students in deep, thematic, inquiry-based learning focused on critical thinking, leadership and exceptional cultural diversity exchanges while focusing on the six competitive fields of Humanities, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, Business and Education. The exposure and supports of the academic programs, along with the extra-curricular experiences offered, help students realize their aspirations of entering the Top 50, first-class universities in Canada, Europe, the U.K., Australia and the United States.

Site History

The site of Globe Cambridge High School in Port Hope has a long cultural history. Originally it was the famous ‘Union Grammar and Common School’ built in 1853. It was renovated in 1866 and was completely redesigned in 1911 and renamed ‘The Central School’ designed by the famous architects James Ellis and William Connery. The school remained the city’s hub of academia for over 100 years. The school’s historical red brick building is a classic example of original 1800s Canadian architecture representing great artistic value and craftsmanship. The school’s neighbouring two churches, also designed by famous architects in the 19th century, give the school’s surroundings an atmosphere of historical elegance and comfort, while simultaneously blending in with the modern constructs of the communities. The result, the most pleasant of atmospheres providing a highly appreciated physical and psychological sense of well-being. In 2017, the school building was listed as a Canadian Historical and Cultural Heritage Site by the Canadian government’s Ontario Heritage Act for its architectural, historical and cultural value.

Why Study at Globe Cambridge High School?


Globe Cambridge High School offers the following scholarship opportunities:

  • Freshman Scholarship: awarded to five students each year scoring the highest in their placement interviews. This scholarship is equivalent to 10%-50% of Globe’s tuition fee
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship: awarded each year to one male and one female student with the most outstanding academic achievement records. This scholarship is equivalent to 100% of the tuition for a 4-year study program
  • Globe Scholarship: awarded to each student who graduated from Globe’s 8th Grade in China. The scholarship is equivalent to 20% of the tuition fee and is offered consecutively for four years with no cap on student numbers
  • Academic Scholarship: awarded to exclusive goal-oriented students with outstanding academic achievement in the following six subjects: Humanities, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, Business and Education